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October 12th, 2023

Read the latest statements from Rabbi Alan Silverstein and Emily Levi Shochat, Co-presidents of MERCAZ Olami; Margo Gold, President of Masorti Olami; and a drasha from Rabbi Mauricio Balter, Executive Director of Masorti and MERCAZ Olami, in English and in Spanish.

"As worldwide Presidents of MERCAZ Olami, we urge all of our 16 MERCAZ chapters, our 20+ partner organizations, our Movement’s 800+ kehillot, our hundreds of rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators, and executive directors, our NOAM and USY groups, our Marom networks, and our five rabbinical schools, to take a public stance firmly in Solidarity with Israel".

→ Click here to read the full statement.

"We stand together no matter where we reside in the world. We stand together in communities large and small. We stand together with people of all ages and faiths. We stand together in unity and solidarity".

Read the full statement.

"How can we explain the pride of being an Israeli, to feel that OUR People have an unbelievable capacity for solidarity, to support, and to accompany others. We see solidarity for our soldiers, for the wounded, their families and the lone soldiers that are here serving in our country without family. We see it in the citizens that lost everything and are already receiving assistance from their neighbors. It is truly touching".

→ Click to read Rabbi Mauricio Balter statement/drasha in English and in Spanish.

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