MERCAZ leadership visits Masorti/Conservative congregations in Paris

April 9th, 2024

With the aim of getting to know our French communities better and the excellent work they have been doing, MERCAZ Co-president Emily Levy Shochat and the Organizational Development and Zionist Projects Director Nilli Glick Asaf spent two days in Paris to meet with the leadership of two of our most prominent communities - Adath Shalom and Dor VaDor - and give them an overview of the work and relevance of MERCAZ Olami as an agent of Masorti/Conservative Judaism and its values.

Nilli shared: “In addition to gaining a better understanding of our communities in the capital of France, this trip gave us the opportunity to see how closeness to our communities is meaningful and necessary for us as a global organization.”

“The meetings with the community leaders were meaningful and the questions we received from participants showed us how French Jews view Israel today. We hope to visit other communities in France as well as in other European countries,” she added.

 The brief but fruitful visit gave them a great opportunity to learn a lot about the Masorti/Conservative movement in France and certainly strengthened relations between MERCAZ and the leadership of both communities.

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