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From its earliest days, Masorti has been a strong supporter of the Zionist project and today we contribute to building a pluralist religious future in Israel.

The state financed, too often corrupt, Orthodox monopoly on Jewish religious life in Israel undermines respect for Judaism and limits the perception of what being religiously Jewish can mean in the modern world.

Despite these challenges Masorti in Israel continues to grow, with 80+ communities, Tali school programs in Israeli public schools, the Schechter Institute and the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and much, much more.

Mercaz-Masorti Australasia is our regional representative organization and is in turn an affiliate of the Zionist Federation of Australia.
 Jewish unity demands support for religious pluralism in Israel. Your voice can help this happen.

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Mr. John Furstenberg

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We are MERCAZ Olami, the political arm in the National Institutions of the worldwide Conservative/Masorti Movement, based in Jerusalem, Israel.
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32 General Pierre Koenig 4th Floor
Jerusalem 93469, Israel
T: +972 (2) 624-7106