Israel at War

Find our official statements, videos, prayers, articles, and content related to the conflict against terrorist organization Hamas that have erupted in Israel in October 2023.
On 7 October 2023, terrorists led by Hamas launched a large-scale invasion and offensive against Israel from the Gaza Strip. They broke through the Gaza–Israel barrier and forced their way through Gaza border crossings, entering nearby Israeli settlements and military installations.



Special Briefing: The Rise in Antisemitism

Since October 7, our communities have been glued to media outlets, trying to understand what is happening in Israel and how they could help. When the IDF started attacking the Gaza Strip, there was a shift in public opinion, and the number of antisemitic incidents increased dramatically.


Article | A Ceasefire Is the Wrong Approach

"During the ensuing six weeks of warfare, calls for a ceasefire intensified. (...) Israel rejected the notion. Why? Hamas has no intention of co-existing with the Jewish state. As during previous Israel-Hamas wars, a ceasefire would amount to Hamas’s rearming and preparing for the next round of violence."


Message from Rabbi Mauricio Balter about the Mission to Israel

A special message from our Executive Director about the Masorti Leadership Solidarity Mission to Israel and the importance of having the Global Masorti/Conservative Leadership in Israel during these challenging times.


Masorti Leadership Solidarity Mission to Israel • Special Report

From November 6-8, 35 participants from the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, UK, and Israel joined the initiative by Masorti and MERCAZ Olami, Masorti Movement In Israel, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and Rabbinical Assembly.


Article | Distorting Israel’s Treatment of the Arabs in Gaza

"In routinely condemning Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, most media have ignored the context of the administration of the “territories” since l967. Israel has treated the "Palestinians" far better than did their Arab brethren."


שבת אחדות | Masorti/Conservative Solidarity Shabbat

Members of Masorti/Conservative kehilot, schools, camps, youth programs, Jewish centers, and communities across the globe gathered in solidarity to mark the 3rd Shabbat since the attacks of October 7th on over 20 communities in Israel.


Article | Hamas Second Stage Assault - Media Distortion

"Blogger Jack Levy wrote – 'when a hospital explodes in Gaza, ask: who is happy, who is relived, and who is upset? [spoiler alert: it’s Hamas and its partners.]'".


Special Emergency Briefing with Tal Schneider

Diplomatic and political correspondent for The Times of Israel, she spoke about the diplomatic aspects of the current war against the terrorist group Hamas.


Article | Pride In the Resilience of the People of Israel

"Two parallel emotions have dominated the horrific hours of October 7 and its aftermath --- shock and fury against the barbarity of ISIS-style Hamas, and pride and gratitude for the resilience of the People of Israel. Today’s message is dedicated to a few examples of the unending displays of courage, love, and unity by Am Yisrael in the midst of an unprecedented crisis".


Article | Myths and facts in the Israel-Hamas conflict

"Every few years, relentless Hamas terror attacks against Israeli civilians – rockets, missiles, terror tunnels, and so forth – require Israeli responses. (...) Hamas then inflates the number of casualties in order to galvanize international support for 'humanitarian concerns'. When the Israeli self-defense takes place, Hamas employs Gaza’s civilians as 'human shields.'".


Prayer for the Welfare and Return of Captured and Missing

A prayer for the welfare and the return of Israel’s captured and missing from among our sisters and brothers from Masorti Movement in Israel and Rabbinical Assembly in Israel in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.


Prayer Service for The State of Israel

A worldwide prayer service for the safety of the captives, the healing of the wounded, the memory of the murdered and the safety and security of IDF soldiers, security and rescue forces and all citizens of Israel took place in Jerusalem.


Support Masorti's Emergency War Campaign

Masorti Israel has targeted four areas of action for which we are best placed: spiritual and emotional support; guiding, supporting and strengthening resilience; updated information to Conservative Jews outside Israel.


Latest Statements From Our Leadership

Read the statements from Rabbi Alan Silverstein and Emily Levi Shochat, Co-presidents of MERCAZ Olami; and Margo Gold, President of Masorti Olami; and a drasha from Rabbi Mauricio Balter, Executive Director of Masorti and MERCAZ Olami.


Special Leadership Briefing

DF Major General (res.) Noam Tibon talked to Masorti/Conservative world and helped us better understand the current situation in Israel and the IDF's next steps.


Prayer for Simchat Torah War

A prayer for Simchat Torah War from Masorti Movement in Israel and Rabbinical Assembly in Israel in English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian.


Statement on the War

"Masorti and MERCAZ Olami deeply condemn the heinous attacks and acts of violence by Hamas that have erupted in Israel, and unequivocally stand in solidarity with..."

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