Chani Goldengreen

Director, NOAM Olami
Chani Goldengreen was born in Kfar Saba, the first-generation Israeli in her family after her parents made Aliyah from the UK.  Chani was raised in a Jewish and Zionist atmosphere, attended the TALI school, was an active member of the “Hod Ve’Hadar” congregation and was a member of the NOAM youth movement, which became her second home. In NOAM, she rose through the ranks, filling various positions. She joined the movement in the third grade, became a counselor, completed her army service through the Garin Nachal program, worked as a chapter coordinator and served as a Shlicha in Australia. Later on, Chani joined the management of the movement and worked as the head of the Leadership Training Program until 2017. Since then, Chani has worked as an English teacher through Teach First Israel. Working in education to create social change is a strong passion of hers, and while she was working as a teacher, she helped form the organization MEGAMA, which serves as a community for LGBT educators across Israel. Chani has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is currently working on completing her Master’s degree in Education Policy at Tel Aviv University.   Chani currently lives in Tel Aviv with her wife, Adi.

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