Emily Levi Shochat

Born and raised in Liberty, New York, Emily and her husband Jack made Aliya from Boston almost 40 years ago.  Emily trained in Jewish Communal Service at the Hornstein Program at Brandeis University and began her professional career with the Jewish Community Centers in Boston.  In Israel, she has held senior staff positions at the Yoseftal Institute for Community Development, the Hebrew University’s NCJW Research Center for Innovation in Education, the Israel Movement for Progressive (Reform) Judaism, and the Moriah Fund. She also served as the first Executive Director of the Counseling Center for Women and the Israel Heart Fund. She was a faculty member of the Hebrew University's Schwartz Program for Training of staff for Community Centers (Matnassim) and Early Childhood Centers.  Having completed over four years of service as the Chairperson of the Masorti Movement in July 2014, Emily currently is the Chairperson of the Jewish Pluralism Watch and is a member of the Board of the Educational Center at Hannaton; She also is a member of the Boards of the Israel Association of Ethiopian Jewry and Agudat Adi for the promotion of organ donations. Emily serves as KKL vice-chair and chairs the environment and science committee.

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